Before we moved I had mentioned that I was having knee pains and was no longer riding my bike.  Well I saw a doctor in Idaho and had an MRI done.  Turns out I have Chrondomalacia and moderate arthritis.  The good news is that after a shot in the knee (which is a very weird hurt in and of itself) my knee feels much better.  I am back to riding my bike.  I had to take it easy per the doctors orders and work my way back up to long rides and hills.  So that’s what I did.  In Idaho I waited for a week per doctors orders before I started riding again.  It was short and sweet but it DIDN’T HURT.  That was the joyous part.  Then a couple of days later I rode again and doubled my time on it.  It worked my way up to 1 hour and 15 minutes before we left.

Then it took a week to move and another week to get everything unpacked and put away before I would ride again.  That was this last Saturday.  I got up and we had breakfast and then I checked my tires and hit the road.  Now I just need to learn more about how to check my brakes and how to change them because it is very hilly here.  Right out of the gate our driveway is downhill and then the road is downhill for another half mile before I go uphill again.  Then when I turn around I have the opposite.  Thankfully my knee didn’t fight me or hurt so that was a plus.  I was tired and my legs were tired.   I had done 60 burpees Friday night and forgot to stretch even after my leg seized up.

So I hurt on my ride Saturday morning and I’m struggling with the downhill parts of my ride here.  Then I had the bright idea to ride past our road and take the back way home.  Ya I forgot just how steep it was.  You see I like hills and I like going downhill when they aren’t all zigzaggy.  I like to just let gravity take me as I get in the drops and go.  Can’t do that in this neighborhood or I’ll crash into a tree or a house or a garage or another car.

Anyways this hill is very steep and I wont walk a hill.  Haven’t since I started riding in 2013 and I wont start now.  There is also no way I’ll ride back down this hill.  So up it was.  That was the only choice.  at like 3 mph 3/4 of the way up.  I had to stop in a driveway 1/3 of the way up and calm my breathing.  I couldn’t go straight up it so I zig zagged back and forth.  Before you tell me that it isn’t safe just know it was a straight road and I could see if cars were coming and we live in the backwoods so not much traffic to begin with.  Finally about 2/3 the way up I could ride in a straight line and made it to the top and turned the corner to find more hills.  This one had a short downhill that I enjoyed before going up the next one.  I made it home in one piece without crashing into a tree.  I loved it and look forward to Saturday when I can ride again.


Well…..time for an update

Last time I posted was a while back and we were getting ready to move.  I also wasn’t riding my bike because of knee pain.  The update will probably take a few posts so just bare with me.

We moved.  Again.  Since being married we have moved 5 times.  I’ve been married for a little over 10 years.  So we move a lot.  We got permission from the company to move at the same time we took our vacation.  So we packed our stuff into two trailers.  One that was an ABF trailer and our personal enclosed trailer.  The enclosed trailer held things like my husbands tools which are hard to stack on top of each other or to stack stuff on top of them.  We took our trampoline and the outside benches to the cabin in Idaho for my in laws.  We also packed my canned food so we could keep eating it and so it wouldn’t go bad.  Then on top of that we had camping mattresses, pillows, and blankets.

This is what we knew going home to Idaho for vacation: not much.  I say not much because we didn’t know where we were moving just that we would be moving.  We knew that Pennsylvania had a project and that the manager really wanted my husband to go there.  We also knew that the company was planning to bid on a project in southern Michigan.  They had projects in California too.  Where they wanted us to go and when was the question.  If we were to move to Pennsylvania then we would need to start driving as soon as our vacation was over.  If we went to any of the other places we might have been able to stay longer in Idaho.

Anyways we moved to Pennsylvania a couple weeks ago.  We rented a house and got moved in and registered for school.  It is beautiful here and it feels like we live in a forest and so far so good.  The other thing now is not knowing how long we will live here.  Could be a year like they originally told us or it could last for up to 8 years total.  Who knows.