Before we moved I had mentioned that I was having knee pains and was no longer riding my bike.  Well I saw a doctor in Idaho and had an MRI done.  Turns out I have Chrondomalacia and moderate arthritis.  The good news is that after a shot in the knee (which is a very weird hurt in and of itself) my knee feels much better.  I am back to riding my bike.  I had to take it easy per the doctors orders and work my way back up to long rides and hills.  So that’s what I did.  In Idaho I waited for a week per doctors orders before I started riding again.  It was short and sweet but it DIDN’T HURT.  That was the joyous part.  Then a couple of days later I rode again and doubled my time on it.  It worked my way up to 1 hour and 15 minutes before we left.

Then it took a week to move and another week to get everything unpacked and put away before I would ride again.  That was this last Saturday.  I got up and we had breakfast and then I checked my tires and hit the road.  Now I just need to learn more about how to check my brakes and how to change them because it is very hilly here.  Right out of the gate our driveway is downhill and then the road is downhill for another half mile before I go uphill again.  Then when I turn around I have the opposite.  Thankfully my knee didn’t fight me or hurt so that was a plus.  I was tired and my legs were tired.   I had done 60 burpees Friday night and forgot to stretch even after my leg seized up.

So I hurt on my ride Saturday morning and I’m struggling with the downhill parts of my ride here.  Then I had the bright idea to ride past our road and take the back way home.  Ya I forgot just how steep it was.  You see I like hills and I like going downhill when they aren’t all zigzaggy.  I like to just let gravity take me as I get in the drops and go.  Can’t do that in this neighborhood or I’ll crash into a tree or a house or a garage or another car.

Anyways this hill is very steep and I wont walk a hill.  Haven’t since I started riding in 2013 and I wont start now.  There is also no way I’ll ride back down this hill.  So up it was.  That was the only choice.  at like 3 mph 3/4 of the way up.  I had to stop in a driveway 1/3 of the way up and calm my breathing.  I couldn’t go straight up it so I zig zagged back and forth.  Before you tell me that it isn’t safe just know it was a straight road and I could see if cars were coming and we live in the backwoods so not much traffic to begin with.  Finally about 2/3 the way up I could ride in a straight line and made it to the top and turned the corner to find more hills.  This one had a short downhill that I enjoyed before going up the next one.  I made it home in one piece without crashing into a tree.  I loved it and look forward to Saturday when I can ride again.


Catching up

It’s been a while.  I’ve had a lot of thoughts go through my head that I didn’t type down.  I still read several blogs I just haven’t been writing my own.  A couple of things since I last typed.  I started carb cycling in March and it has helped me get my food under control.  I did really well for two months and the I struggle for a few days and do really well for a week or two.

I think part of my problem has been stress.  Not that life is never stressful but we are packing to move.  Where?  We don’t know yet.  We will go on vacation and take our stuff with us and then hopefully by the end of vacation we will know where we are heading.  Could be Pennsylvania, Wisconsin or Michigan at this point and those are only the options I am aware of.  I’ve been packing for months but just not knowing creates a stress all its own and I haven’t learned how to turn to exercise before food yet.  You’d think I’d have learned by now.

I also haven’t ridden my bike for two weeks.  After talking to my family doctor and my dad (who isn’t a dr but knows things) there is a chance I have torn my meniscus.  I have set an appointment with my dad’s doctor at home for the week after we get there.  My knee hurts when it bends and especially doesn’t like stairs.  The last time I rode my bike it hurt and not in a good way.  So I take Aleve every day and am walking.

I finally let my husband take my bike out of the rec room since he packed the only way I have of filling my tires.  I keep thinking I’ll try riding and see how it feels and then I’ll walk down the stairs and then decide I’ll wait.

Anyway, we are excited to move in a week and a half.  We are excited to go home and spend time with family.  We are excited for a new adventure.  We move every 3-4 years depending on the project and it’s time.

What is the rule of thumb?

Well, lets just say I have a bit of a dilemma going.  I finally got my act together a couple of weeks ago and things were going great.  I was running Monday, Wednesday and Friday and cycling Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and resting on Sunday.  The first week by Sunday I was exhausted and decided that the second week I would change Wednesdays jogging session into a walking/rest session.

I was woken up earlier than normal by my second daughter who didn’t feel good.  She had a fever and a cough so she wasn’t going to school.  I got the rest of the kids where they were going and I walked on the treadmill like I planned.  I also noticed that my throat was getting more and more sore as the day wore on.

Thursday morning my second daughter still didn’t feel good and my throat was hurting.  So I dropped my kids off at school and had my second daughter take a nap while I decided that I would ride my bike but just not hard enough to bother my throat.  Well that was my first mistake.  I can’t ride my bike and not try to ride hard.  I have found that GCN has some training videos that I really enjoy.  So I went through them looking for something about 30 minutes long but wouldn’t kill my throat.  I settled on a 30 minutes hill climb.  I think the sore throat was blocking some of the common sense from working in my brain.  I told myself that I would just not push as hard as they wanted but it would at least be a good workout.

So I set up the laptop next to the tv and plugged it in and started riding.  First burst got my throat burning.  Each burst after kept pushing.  Lets just say that by the end of my ride my legs hurt from the good workout but so did my of my throat than had before.  I couldn’t just not work hard….

As soon as I was done with that work out though I had to go pick up my oldest from school who had a 102.4 fever.   I spent the rest of the day aching and sick and trying to take care of my kids.  Apparently I have a cold or flu or something.

Friday after a good nights sleep I felt great except for my throat was still really sore.  No more aches and pains and my head didn’t hurt so….I ran.  But I sucked on a cough drop first which helped keep my throat from getting worse….Right thing to do?  Who knows but I did it anyway.

Saturday, I was again aching and my throat really hurt and I had no energy so I didn’t exercise at all.  Sunday was the same.

Well today is Monday and I feel great except for my sore throat.  It doesn’t hurt as much as it did last week.  I can tell it is healing but here is my dilemma.  Do I run or not today?  Knowing me and the fact that I am contemplating it all says I’m going to do it but the question is…should I?


What is the shelf life of a promise….

Okay, before you start to think that I’m a promise breaker, let me explain.

I’m talking about promises made to oneself.  Not promises made to others.

A couple of weeks ago I was riding my bike outside and I thought I had picked a road with fewer hills.  Not that I don’t like hills but I’ve been running and biking with only one rest day and my legs were tired.  I figured I’d use that bike ride to just spin my legs and enjoy time outdoors instead of on the trainer.

After about a mile on this road I ended up riding a roller coaster.  At this point I was tired.  I’m overweight and out of shape and trying to just work my way back one mile at a time.  I was starting to think about a promise I made to myself when I started biking.

About 4-5 years ago my friend in Oklahoma wanted to ride the Oklahoma Freewheel.  It is a cross state bike ride.  It was on her bucket list but she didn’t have anyone to ride with her.  I was a runner.  I enjoyed riding bikes.  We had my husband’s bike that he bought when he was 13.  It was too big when he bought it but now it was too small for him and me but it was still a nice bike.  He had taken care of it.  Since I like adventure I told her I would talk to my husband and see if we could make it work so I could go with her.  I started riding more and more and running less and less.  I realized how much I enjoyed riding a bike and how much more enjoyable it was than running….at least for me.

I talked my husband into getting himself a new bike that would fit his height so both of us would enjoy riding more.  He bought a nice bike.  Since he is only 2 inches taller than me we set it up so that it would work for both of us.  I loved it.  It is a Giant Roam.  I rode it on the freewheel.  My friend had a road bike and I could draft off of her a little but she was in much better shape than me so I never did make it in front for her to draft. Anyway, as I started riding my husband’s bike with the umpteen gears I realized that hills weren’t as hard as they used to me.

As a kid I walked m mountain bike up a lot of hills.  I hated that I couldn’t pedal up them.  So I promised myself that I wouldn’t walk up another hill.  I’d granny gear it but I’d ride up every hill.  So far so good.  After the freewheel my husband bought me a road bike for my birthday and although I don’t have the same low gears as my husband’s bike I still haven’t had to walk my bike up any hills.  I’m not fast but I make it to the top.  I actually quite enjoy hills.  They are a good workout and I love coming back down.

So back to my tired brain question.  What is the shelf life of a promise made to oneself?  Now before you answer please know that I have no intention of breaking that promise.  I made it up every hill that day.  I was just slower and slower and more and more tired.  I just kept telling myself I could do it.  But that question has been rattling around in my brain.

So what do you think?  What is the shelf life of a promise made to oneself?


Once again I am reminded at how awesome the human body is.  Last week I started carb cycling to lose weight and get back in shape.  Along with this I would get up every morning at 5:25 in order to get a 9 minute workout before having to wake my daughter up for school.  Every day was a different set of three exercises and a different way to do them.  One day I was supposed to do 20 seconds with a 10 second rest for 6 rounds making it 3 minutes total.  The first 3 minutes I did triangle push ups.  The next 3 minutes I did backward lunges and the last three minutes I did marching soldiers.

I hate lunges.  I actually used to avoid them like the plague.  Part of that attitude was because my grandmother told me that she used to do them when she was younger and was pretty sure that they had ruined her knees.  So learning this in my teen years I stopped doing them.  Through the years I have started doing them again since they are a good form of exercise but I still hate them.  Anyway, I was able to do 18 sets in the three minutes.  Then when I went to wake my daughter up I almost fell down the stairs.  My legs were cooked.

Each day as I did the exercises I would get more and more sore.  It was to the point that by Friday I was in pain.  It hurt to use my muscles and it hurt to touch my muscles.

Saturday and Sunday I didn’t need to do those exercises and Friday I had went walking in hopes to help loosen up some stiff muscles.  Saturday morning I had my bike ride and I was amazed at how well I felt.  Although still sore I wasn’t as sore as I was Friday.  My ride was wonderful.  Saturday was busy and I noticed that throughout the day I wasn’t very sore.  Sunday was even better with no soreness.

Then Monday morning my exercises consisted of three exercises and one was again the backward lunges with the same time set up.  I was up to 22 sets in 3 minutes and I didn’t almost fall down the stairs or feel sore in the slightest.

I am feeling better, losing weight and getting healthier one day at a time.

Starting over

It never ceases to amaze me how fast you can lose your fitness.  When I left on vacation I was doing ok.  I had been riding regularly and feeling pretty good.  Then I went on vacation and rode almost every day of the first week and after that maybe twice a week the other three.  Got home from vacation and rode once the first week.  I was struggling.

Monday I started carb cycling to help lose weight and I started riding and strength training again.  I am sore and feel almost like I haven’t exercised in months when in reality it hasn’t been that long.  I am riding much slower and not as long either.  I am looking forward to Saturday when I can ride outside for longer.  I always feel better riding outside but still I lost everything I had gained before my vacation.

Here it goes though.  I’ll get it back and more.

I am not a runner anymore and I’m perfectly ok with that

In 2006 I was still serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Russia.  My last companion was a runner.  I had never been a runner but we had time each morning for exercise and she loved to run.  So took up running.  I enjoyed it.  I really did.  I wasn’t as fast as her but I got better and better and I lost weight and I just felt good about myself.  When we didn’t get up on time to make it to the park we would just run the stairs in our apartment building.  It was 9 stories tall and we lived on the 7th floor.  I love stairs.  It was tiring but so much fun and I always felt like I got a good workout.

After I came home I kept running.  I’d get up and run towards work.  I’d leave about 30 minutes before my dad left the house and he would pick me up and off to work we went.  I’d use my grandmother’s shower to get ready for the day.  I felt great.  I was maintaining my weight and felt great.  To be honest I didn’t particularly like the running part but I loved how I felt after I finished my runs.  I felt good.  My body felt strong.

Went back to college, got married, gained some weight and then started running again only to find out I was pregnant.  After baby was born I started running again and lost the weight.  Maintained until baby number two came along.  I ran for a bit while pregnant and then after baby in order to lose the weight.  Same thing happened with baby number three.  Lost the weight.

What changed?  Well after baby number three was born I had a friend who is a cyclist.  On her bucket list was to ride the Oklahoma Freewheel.  She didn’t have anyone crazy enough to do it with her.  I’m always ready for an adventure so I said I’d ride it with her.  That was the beginning of my love for cycling.  I started out that year running and cycling.  After a month or so of that I just stopped running.  I needed that time to ride to get ready for the Freewheel.  I didn’t really miss the running.  I’ve been cycling ever since.  I’ve ridden the Freewheel two years in row.  Didn’t go this year but hopefully next year.

I have over the last year or two tried to get back into running to use it as a cross training tool for my cycling.  It just didn’t stick.  I like my bike and my time on my bike too much to cut back to run.  So since I’m struggling to lose the weight that I’ve gained since moving to Illinois I decided to add running back into my life.  I haven’t cut out my cycling.  I still cycle but I’ve been trying to add running onto days where I am already cycling.

Tuesday I cycling in the morning and ran in the evening.  Felt great after my run.  It wasn’t very long but it was steady running.  Wednesday morning I woke up and was reminded again another reason why I haven’t gotten back into running.  I woke up with a migraine.  I still rode my bike thinking it would help get ride of my headache.  After I rode my bike I grabbed my ice pack and a blanket and fell asleep in the recliner with the ice pack draped on my head.  Lets just say that finally in the afternoon evening time with 3 Tylenol and 2 IBU I finally got it under control.

This morning the pain was back but after a two hour nap on the couch it was gone.  So was my desire to run ever again.  🙂

I am a cyclist.  I love the speed, the distance covered and no migraines.  I am not wishing for my kids to grow up too fast but I do look forward to the time when they are all in school and I can ride outside every day for as long as I want.