Before we moved I had mentioned that I was having knee pains and was no longer riding my bike.  Well I saw a doctor in Idaho and had an MRI done.  Turns out I have Chrondomalacia and moderate arthritis.  The good news is that after a shot in the knee (which is a very weird hurt in and of itself) my knee feels much better.  I am back to riding my bike.  I had to take it easy per the doctors orders and work my way back up to long rides and hills.  So that’s what I did.  In Idaho I waited for a week per doctors orders before I started riding again.  It was short and sweet but it DIDN’T HURT.  That was the joyous part.  Then a couple of days later I rode again and doubled my time on it.  It worked my way up to 1 hour and 15 minutes before we left.

Then it took a week to move and another week to get everything unpacked and put away before I would ride again.  That was this last Saturday.  I got up and we had breakfast and then I checked my tires and hit the road.  Now I just need to learn more about how to check my brakes and how to change them because it is very hilly here.  Right out of the gate our driveway is downhill and then the road is downhill for another half mile before I go uphill again.  Then when I turn around I have the opposite.  Thankfully my knee didn’t fight me or hurt so that was a plus.  I was tired and my legs were tired.   I had done 60 burpees Friday night and forgot to stretch even after my leg seized up.

So I hurt on my ride Saturday morning and I’m struggling with the downhill parts of my ride here.  Then I had the bright idea to ride past our road and take the back way home.  Ya I forgot just how steep it was.  You see I like hills and I like going downhill when they aren’t all zigzaggy.  I like to just let gravity take me as I get in the drops and go.  Can’t do that in this neighborhood or I’ll crash into a tree or a house or a garage or another car.

Anyways this hill is very steep and I wont walk a hill.  Haven’t since I started riding in 2013 and I wont start now.  There is also no way I’ll ride back down this hill.  So up it was.  That was the only choice.  at like 3 mph 3/4 of the way up.  I had to stop in a driveway 1/3 of the way up and calm my breathing.  I couldn’t go straight up it so I zig zagged back and forth.  Before you tell me that it isn’t safe just know it was a straight road and I could see if cars were coming and we live in the backwoods so not much traffic to begin with.  Finally about 2/3 the way up I could ride in a straight line and made it to the top and turned the corner to find more hills.  This one had a short downhill that I enjoyed before going up the next one.  I made it home in one piece without crashing into a tree.  I loved it and look forward to Saturday when I can ride again.


Catching up

It’s been a while.  I’ve had a lot of thoughts go through my head that I didn’t type down.  I still read several blogs I just haven’t been writing my own.  A couple of things since I last typed.  I started carb cycling in March and it has helped me get my food under control.  I did really well for two months and the I struggle for a few days and do really well for a week or two.

I think part of my problem has been stress.  Not that life is never stressful but we are packing to move.  Where?  We don’t know yet.  We will go on vacation and take our stuff with us and then hopefully by the end of vacation we will know where we are heading.  Could be Pennsylvania, Wisconsin or Michigan at this point and those are only the options I am aware of.  I’ve been packing for months but just not knowing creates a stress all its own and I haven’t learned how to turn to exercise before food yet.  You’d think I’d have learned by now.

I also haven’t ridden my bike for two weeks.  After talking to my family doctor and my dad (who isn’t a dr but knows things) there is a chance I have torn my meniscus.  I have set an appointment with my dad’s doctor at home for the week after we get there.  My knee hurts when it bends and especially doesn’t like stairs.  The last time I rode my bike it hurt and not in a good way.  So I take Aleve every day and am walking.

I finally let my husband take my bike out of the rec room since he packed the only way I have of filling my tires.  I keep thinking I’ll try riding and see how it feels and then I’ll walk down the stairs and then decide I’ll wait.

Anyway, we are excited to move in a week and a half.  We are excited to go home and spend time with family.  We are excited for a new adventure.  We move every 3-4 years depending on the project and it’s time.

What is the shelf life of a promise….

Okay, before you start to think that I’m a promise breaker, let me explain.

I’m talking about promises made to oneself.  Not promises made to others.

A couple of weeks ago I was riding my bike outside and I thought I had picked a road with fewer hills.  Not that I don’t like hills but I’ve been running and biking with only one rest day and my legs were tired.  I figured I’d use that bike ride to just spin my legs and enjoy time outdoors instead of on the trainer.

After about a mile on this road I ended up riding a roller coaster.  At this point I was tired.  I’m overweight and out of shape and trying to just work my way back one mile at a time.  I was starting to think about a promise I made to myself when I started biking.

About 4-5 years ago my friend in Oklahoma wanted to ride the Oklahoma Freewheel.  It is a cross state bike ride.  It was on her bucket list but she didn’t have anyone to ride with her.  I was a runner.  I enjoyed riding bikes.  We had my husband’s bike that he bought when he was 13.  It was too big when he bought it but now it was too small for him and me but it was still a nice bike.  He had taken care of it.  Since I like adventure I told her I would talk to my husband and see if we could make it work so I could go with her.  I started riding more and more and running less and less.  I realized how much I enjoyed riding a bike and how much more enjoyable it was than running….at least for me.

I talked my husband into getting himself a new bike that would fit his height so both of us would enjoy riding more.  He bought a nice bike.  Since he is only 2 inches taller than me we set it up so that it would work for both of us.  I loved it.  It is a Giant Roam.  I rode it on the freewheel.  My friend had a road bike and I could draft off of her a little but she was in much better shape than me so I never did make it in front for her to draft. Anyway, as I started riding my husband’s bike with the umpteen gears I realized that hills weren’t as hard as they used to me.

As a kid I walked m mountain bike up a lot of hills.  I hated that I couldn’t pedal up them.  So I promised myself that I wouldn’t walk up another hill.  I’d granny gear it but I’d ride up every hill.  So far so good.  After the freewheel my husband bought me a road bike for my birthday and although I don’t have the same low gears as my husband’s bike I still haven’t had to walk my bike up any hills.  I’m not fast but I make it to the top.  I actually quite enjoy hills.  They are a good workout and I love coming back down.

So back to my tired brain question.  What is the shelf life of a promise made to oneself?  Now before you answer please know that I have no intention of breaking that promise.  I made it up every hill that day.  I was just slower and slower and more and more tired.  I just kept telling myself I could do it.  But that question has been rattling around in my brain.

So what do you think?  What is the shelf life of a promise made to oneself?

Back in the saddle again….

wpid-app_gp_tmp_dir3062_.jpgI have a lot of songs running through my head lately.  3 weeks ago I decided that I felt good enough to ride my bike.  However, my bike wasn’t ready to ride.  I hadn’t replaced the front tire yet or cleaned it.  My husbands bike was aired up and ready to go so I set it up on the trainer in the rec room while my kids were at school.  When my son was content I decided that I would aim for 10 minutes.  It’s been a few month since I’ve ridden and I did just have a child so I figured 10 minutes was a good place to start.

I barely made the 10 minutes.  Partly because the bike wasn’t set up for me….or my husband.  The seat was too low but I wasn’t sure how much time I had before my son would need attention so I endured it.  Not the greatest idea.  My knees ached for 2 days.  Because the seat was too low my knees hurt and I couldn’t get comfortable on the seat.  I persevered though and was happy I did.

Then a few days later I had cleaned my bike and my husband’s bike and replaced my front tube.  No more of this bike not fitting right nonsense.  I had the opportunity after that on a Saturday to ride outside.  I told my husband that I was aiming for about 30 minutes but knew I might not make it.

It was tough but I made 28 minutes.  My motto: Shut up legs, I can do this.  Strangely enough my rear end didn’t hurt as much as my legs did.

I’ve been riding since.  Tuesdays, Thursdays and some Saturdays.  I’m now up to 35 minutes and hope to make it 45 by Saturday.  After November I’ll start riding more I think.  Why November?  My daughter signed up for the running club at school and they will be running a 5k in November.  She had to have a running buddy for the 5k in order to sign up.  I used to run so I chose to join her.  It can only help get me back in shape.  So for now I run 3 days a week and ride 3 days a week.  Things are looking up and I’m feeling more and more like me again.

Can you feel it?

My excitement that is?  It is almost time to get back on the bike.  The due date for the pregnancy is August 1st.  That is coming up on Monday.  I’m not naïve enough to believe that he will come on that day but I do know that I have set an induction date for the 31st.  I’m excited to meet this little one.  I’m excited to not be pregnant anymore.  I’m excited to wear normal clothes again soon.  I’m excited to get back in shape.  I’m excited to be able to sit up and clean my bike.  I’m excited to clean my husband’s bike.  I’m excited that in about 3-4 weeks (hopefully) I’ll be able to start riding again providing that everything goes well with the birth of our child.  I’m excited to order new cycling clothes.  My cycling shorts were bought 4 or 5 years ago and are due for replacement.

I have a list of things to do for my bike.  It has been sitting or rather hanging on the wall in the garage for several months.  The front tire looks like it needs replaced.  Luckily when my back tire went kaput I bought two matching tires but only put one on the back since I was riding a lot on my trainer.  So now I’ll rotate my back tire to the front and put the new one on the back and then air both tires back up.

I’ll start out taking it in small measures and build from there.  I tend to get impatience and want to ride and ride and ride so I’ll have to be careful.  I need to do some looking for supported rides to set as mile markers to help my on my way.

I’m SOOOOO excited!


I talk to inanimate objects

I’ve been trying to be patient and not think about it but it is getting harder and harder to live that way.  What am I trying to ignore?  Well, that I’m pregnant, of course.  If I don’t think about it then time goes by a lot faster.  I mean I found out I was pregnant Thanksgiving day last year and I’m due somewhere between July 19th and August 1st (another story for another time).  I’m very close and it has flown by.  So I’m trying to be patient.

The problem right now….is that several things are making it harder to ignore.  First, is that I’m at that very uncomfortable stage.  The one where sleeping is getting harder to do because no matter what side I sleep on my hips are killing me within an hour or two and I can’t roll over with out waking first.  I promise I’m not complaining.  I’m just stating a fact.  Anyone who has been pregnant knows about this stage and I’m guessing most husbands witnessed this stage when their wives were pregnant.

Second, and maybe the hardest thing is that my bike is still hanging in the garage on the wall.  Yes, you read that right.  I’m talking about my bike.  It is summer now and I live on a road that is very popular to cyclists because it leads to farm roads and less traffic.  It’s an odd day when I don’t see at least one cyclist ride past my house at some point in the day.  Every time I go into the garage I walk past my bike as well as my husbands.

Those of you who know me know that I talk to inanimate objects.  Daily actually.  So you can see where I’m going right?  Yes, I talk to my bike.  Every time I walk past it I pause and talk to it.  Yes I’m weird.  Yes I know I’m weird.  No I’m not going to change.  Yes I have embraced my weirdness.  It’s who I am.  And I miss my bike.

I know I posted a few months ago how I missed my bike and was afraid to ride it.  That isn’t the case right now.  Right now I physically can’t ride it.  It hurts.  Imagine if you will that you have a bowling ball low in your stomach that doesn’t move and hurts you when you bend so far over.  Well this boy is carrying really low and that is what it feels like.  I can’t sit straight up for long because said bowling ball just does not feel good.

So I put both bikes away a couple months ago when I gave in to the fact that I couldn’t lean forward like I needed to and have missed them since.  Those of you who know me well and know how much I love my bike know I miss it simply because all I can seem to look up on Pinterest or read about in books is cycling information.  I made the mistake of watching a story about the TransAmerican bike race from a couple years back.  Ya that was not helpful in the slightest.  I keep counting weeks from when our boy is born to when I can start riding and then I look at the calendar to see what rides come before the end of the year trying to decide if I can be ready for any of them.

It’s like that time at the end of one’s mission when they get “trunky”.  It’s hard to concentrate on other things.

*I served a mission in Russia for 18 months for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  “Trunky” is that feeling we tend to get when it is almost time to go home and it is hard to think about anything else but going home.

Kids and Bikes

My oldest daughter turned 8 a couple of weekends ago and one of the gifts we got her was a bigger bike that also has gears.  She has talked about wanting such a bike ever since she started riding with me on the bike path.

Now she has one.  I’ll take pictures to share later.  It was late on a Sunday night when we finally let her open her gifts.  She was so excited she wanted to ride it despite it being dark outside.  We do have a light in the driveway so we let her ride.  It took her a minute to get used to the brakes now being on the handle bars and the seat being a bit higher. She took to it pretty quick and it has been hard to keep her off her bike.

Now when she got this bike her old bike immediately became her sisters bike and so on.  They had each outgrown their old bikes so this was a quick fix.  I was standing with my husband and said that now we just need to put the training wheels back on my oldest’s old bike before our middle child would be able to ride it.

Out of nowhere our middle child started begging to ride the bike.  I reminded her that it didn’t have training wheels on it but she just kept saying that she wanted to try it….just once.  So I looked at my husband and told her ok she could try.  We went in and got her bike and came outside.  I handed her over to my husband so he could chase.  I’m now 21 weeks pregnant and not really wanting to chase after my daughter on her bike.

My husband lowered the seat and off they went.  He ran behind her about half a loop around our driveway and she was picking up speed so he just let go.  He didn’t say anything and it was all I could do not to yell “GOOD JOB”.  She just keep riding but I didn’t want her to know yet that she was riding by herself.  I waited for my husband to say something to her first.  She was so excited.  In one try she didn’t need training wheels anymore.  It took her a few tries to start on her own but she go it.

That has pretty much been my life since my oldest turned 8.  Every day they beg to ride their bikes.  Some days are an obvious “No” due to weather or just being away from home.  They love their bikes and it is so fun to watch them ride.